Let’s Werk!

Style/Image Consulting

Style and image advice and assistance allows me, the stylist, to add input to any outfit choice or look you may not have much confidence in wearing. It also allows use time to evaluate your style preference, body type, and image

Style Guide/Look Book

A guide/book created to help clients with shopping needs for a specific look. Style Guides/Look Books are created according the client’s desire of style, size and most importantly budget.

Closet Audit/Organization

Closet Audit/Organization is a way to take and inventory of what is already in the client’s closet. We will discuss desired direction the client would like to go in, shop for it, and then organization garments. Closet Audit/Organization is a great way pair and match looks for the client, making it a breeze to get dressed for any event!

Personal Styling and Shopping

Personal Shopping and Styling pairs the direction the client wants to go with their wardrobe with a fresh and awakening look. A style questionnaire will be given to the client prior to the personal shopping or styling experience, to assess where the client is currently.

Travel and Onset Styling

Travel styling and onset styling creatively accents your image by pairing garments that compliments your body for the given event or set theme at the location specified. A consultation will be set up prior to the style session, which will allow all details and desires to be discussed amongst the stylist and the client, and any other parties involved.

Brand Through Style

You are your own brand, so why not own it? Brand through style allow us to help you dress and look like who you are. We call it, the “Pretty Packaging”. This will position you to look like the expert you are in your designated field.