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Angelica Williams- The Style Liberator

The world of fashion can be a fascinating, but very intimidating arena. With so many stylists fighting for the spotlight to be on their creativity, not many take the time out to pour back into those who are inspired by them. Their focus on being set a part is strictly geared towards what they wear, not who they help.

Angelica Williams has taken the fashion world by storm in such a short period of time. Not only is she the owner and chief visionary of Style to Go, she is also an aspiring author who has features in an international fashion magazine. With her passion for fashion not solely being based on her impeccable sense of style, she has been able to activate her vision to help others break free of the chains enslaving them to the bondage of their grim wardrobes. Hence her title: The Style Liberator.

Angelica believes that the way we dress is a direct expression of how we feel and how the world views us. Her goal as the owner of Style to Go is to help her clients beautifully present the gifts that God has placed on the inside of them, on the outside of them through their attire. We are a packaged deal, well- crafted by a royal designer. Although good books shouldn’t be judged by their covers, many are left on the shelves because their appearance was not an accurate depiction of the greatness within… Don’t be that book, don’t be that tossed aside gift!

With a heart for people and having walked down some of the same paths as many of us; heart break, depression, low self-esteem, and our all-time least favorite: financial hardship, Angelica found solace in being determined to not look like what she had gone through and will work hands on with others to ensure that they don’t either! Being there, doing that… embracing her trials and turning them into triumph is what has made her into the fashion giant she is today. She didn’t allow her struggles to keep her stranded, instead she allowed them to lead her right into her calling! In doing so, she found ways to look like she has just stepped off of the hottest runway without spending more than $40 from head to toe. Being in tune with the everyday financial concerns of clients has helped her develop a strong rapport with them and her followers. Her transparency and commitment to “looking your best without spending your all” has also helped her to liberate those who have been trapped in their closets because of their financial strife.

When not engaged in the day-to-day operations of the firm, teaching, or speaking engagements, Angelica enjoys spending time with her three beautiful children, including one who is Autistic. Angelica also serves as youth minister at her church, The Hope of Glory, where she enjoys leading young people to Christ. Angelica also savors snuggling up with a good book, attending personal development seminars and researching emerging topics in her industry- even in her spare time, she is committed to better serving others!

About Style to Go

Angelica has a strong background in management and marketing, a powerhouse duo that aligns perfectly with her natural ability to dress others to the “T” without them losing their personalities along the journey. Being true to the person is what makes her a true personal stylist! Because of her gifts and never straying away from her vision, Style to Go has mastered the art of presentation. Style to Go adorns you in the best attire that will not only makes you look good, but makes you feel good, all while on a budget.

Style to Go is designed to boost your confidence in what you wear, causing your desire to look good to become part of your lifestyle. With an array of services and a commitment to providing an excellent customer experience with each visit, Style to Go guarantees that you will be beyond satisfied with your new “you”! Don’t miss out on the chance to walk in the completeness of your package, especially if you are concerned with what others have to say. Let’s give them something to really talk about when you step out on in the scene, when you step out in your glory! Slay!

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